About Us

On January 1, 2001, The Peterborough Housing Authority became Peterborough Housing Corporation.  The Province of Ontario, at that time, devolved the business and associated costs of social housing to the municipalities, the initial wave encompassed all of the former public housing units which had been part of Ontario Housing Corporation (OHC).  The assets of OHC were divided amongst 47 different Service Managers, some to regional governments, some to municipalities and some to district areas.  The City of Peterborough, in their role as Service Manager for the City and County of Peterborough, became the “sole shareholder” of PHC, the largest single provider of housing in the social housing portfolio.  The City had a choice of models for its local housing corporation and chose to leave it as a stand alone corporation, one of eleven in the Province, with its own Board of Directors, nominated by a Board Committee and appointed by City Council.  Under this model PHC has had the flexibility to expand and develop new units under the Affordable Housing Program, reach out and form new partnerships and provide community services for its residents.  With the support of the City of Peterborough Housing Division in the Department of Planning and Development Services, PHC has flourished and has been recognized as a leader in housing and in the community.

Peterborough Housing Corporation owns and manages 1,044 units of senior, single and family units throughout the city and county providing a home to approximately 4,000 people.  We also administer the rent supplement program for approximately 275 subsidized units within the private market.  Units range in size from bachelor apartments to single family homes as well as many townhouse communities. Our buildings range in age from a 100 year old recently fully renovated building, to units that are 50 years old and some that are newly built in the last four years. Some require enormous amounts of pampering and capital expenditure. We are continually looking for innovative energy conservation measures to incorporate into new and existing structures to improve the efficiency of the buildings and increase the enjoyment of our residents.  Continuous efforts are made to upgrade the interiors and exteriors and add new physical elements to the buildings to increase accessibility.  Safety issues receive a high priority when we are considering capital funding requests.

Our housing corporation also manages, under an operating agreement with the City of Peterborough, the centralized waiting list for all social housing providers which currently has 1,600 household applicants waiting for rent geared to income units. 

 Our Mission Statement

To provide and maintain quality, affordable housing in a safe, healthy and secure environment.

Working with our communities to support positive community development opportunities, we aspire to bring together residents and support agency staff, promote aging in place and provide good client service to fulfill our mission statement

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