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Peterborough Housing Corporation FAQ

What Type of Housing is Right for Me?

How do I get a transfer?      

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Internal Transfer Request must be completed and submitted to the office. 

Can I install a satellite dish?    

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A Satellite Dish Agreement must be completed and submitted to the office.

 How much notice must we give to end a tenancy?

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The Tenant shall give the Landlord a minimum of sixty (60) days prior written notice of the intention to move out of the Leased Premises.  The notice shall be effective on the last day of a month.  When vacating the Leased Premises, the Tenant shall leave the premises and all equipment which belongs to the Landlord in a clean and good condition, consistent with its age and use.

How is rent calculated?

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The amount of rent the Tenant will pay is based on the amount of gross income (before deductions) received by the Tenant and anyone else who lives in the Unit with the Tenant and the rent calculation is based upon the Housing Services Act or any successor legislation and procedures decided upon by the government.  The Tenant will have to provide to the Landlord any information or material that the Landlord asks for in order to check your income.  One of the things required is a statement of how much money the Tenant earns and the assets the Tenant owns.  Gross family (household) income means the total income earned or received by the household including every person who lives in the unit, even if such a person also lives somewhere else on a temporary basis.

When do I report a change in household income or family composition?

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The Tenant shall provide the Landlord with written notice of any change in the household composition and/or any change in the Tenant’s household income, including any change in the amount of income and/or any change in the source of income.  Such change must be reported within 1 calendar month of the date on which such change occurs and shall provide the Landlord with the details of the changes, on a form prescribed by the Landlord. (Note:  A change in household composition occurs when any person ceases to occupy or commences to occupy the unit after the lease is signed.)

What if a tenant fails to Report a change in household income for family composition?

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If the Tenant fails to report to the Landlord that a change in household income or household composition has occurred, within 1 calendar month of the date that such change occurs, the Tenant will no longer be eligible for rent subsidy.

The Tenant shall provide the Landlord with complete and accurate information concerning the Tenant's household income and household composition.  If the Tenant misrepresents his household income, the Landlord can:

a) require that the Tenant repays any rent subsidy for which the Tenant was not eligible; and 

b) terminate the Tenant’s rent subsidy with 90 days notice; and

c) apply to the Landlord & Tenant Board to evict the Tenant.

How long can I be away from my unit? 

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Local Standards, as permitted within the Housing Services Act and any successor legislation, require that a Tenant must not be absent from the Leased Premises for a period longer than 60 consecutive days.  Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the Household no longer being eligible for a Rent Subsidy and such Rent Subsidy being terminated.

How long can my guests stay?

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Any guest to the unit must have a permanent alternate address. Guests shall not be permitted to stay in the unit longer than (14) days without the prior written consent of the Landlord. If the guest of the Tenant stays in the unit longer than (14) days, without the prior written consent of the Landlord, they shall be deemed to be illegal occupants and the Tenant shall no longer qualify for rent-geared-to-income or occupancy of the Unit.

How can I pay my rent?

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Please be advised that we do not accept cash as a method of payment of rent.  You will be able to pay your rent by one of the following methods:

  • Online Payments
  • Debit
  • Preauthorized Payment 
  • Cheque
  • Money Order
  • Direct Payment (OW/ODSP)

If you would like to set up preauthorized payment arrangements, the necessary forms are available at our office. 

If this change in policy is going to cause you undue hardship, or if you have any questions, please contact our Manager of Finance and Administration.

What happens if I don’t pay my rent by the 1st of the month?

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Rents not received within office hours by the first day of the month are considered to be in arrears.

When arrears of rent occur:

  • A Notice to Terminate a Tenancy for Non-Payment of Rent, Form N4 is issued on the 3rd business day of the month
  • A tenant may avoid eviction by paying arrears (by cash, interac, money order or certified cheque) prior to the termination date indicated on the notice.
  • If payment of rental arrears is not received on or before the termination date, an L1 application to Terminate the Tenancy for Non-Payment of Rent is submitted to the Landlord and Tenant Board.  In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, we will request that the $170.00 fee for this application be awarded to the Peterborough Housing Corporation (the tenant will then owe this money in addition to the rental arrears).
  • The tenant can avoid eviction by disputing the L1 application and appearing at a Landlord and Tenant Board hearing.
  • In extenuating circumstances, a mediated agreement can be reached between the Tenant and Property Manager to avoid eviction.  You must contact your Property Manager to make these arrangements.

Residents who receive three Notices to Terminate the Tenancy for Non-Payment of Rent and have avoided eviction by one of the above methods are cautioned that they will be subject to eviction on the grounds of persistent late rent payment the next time they fall into arrears.

What happens if I move out with owing arrears?

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When a resident vacates, any account with rental and/or maintenance arrears will be handed to a Collection Agency unless an agreement is reached between the resident and Peterborough Housing Corporation.

Any former tenant who owes arrears is not eligible for housing with any rent-geared-to-income housing provider.

What if I have a maintenance problem during the day?

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All requests for repairs or maintenance work should be directed to the Maintenance Department (705-742-3973) during office hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Note:  if you live in an apartment building that is managed by the Mobile Services Team or if you have a Custodian, please make a request in writing and leave it in the Janitorial Room mail slot.

What if I have a maintenance problem after hours?

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A telephone answering service will respond to your call after regular business hours or statutory holidays (705-742-7911).  The emergency number should only be used during a real emergency situation as follows:

  • Flooding caused by plumbing breakdown
  • No heat
  • Damage caused by wind, storm or fire.  In case of fire, CALL 911 FIRST
  • Sewer backups
  • Electrical failures or short circuits that threaten building safety and the lives of tenants.

Someone is parking in my spot.  Who should I contact?

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Parking Control contractor – Maxama Protection  705-745-7500 (this contractor is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week)

I have a complaint against another neighbour.  How should I deal with this?

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Often we live close to our neighbours and disputes or arguments can happen.  Sometimes small matters if not properly dealt with can lead to hard feelings.  Complaints about neighbours are usually a result of noise, pets, parking or children.

You should first talk to your neighbour if you have a problem or complaint with them.  Treat your neighbour the way you expect or want to be treated.  Ask yourself if you are part of the problem and how you can be part of the solution.

Peterborough Housing Corporation, as your landlord, cannot solve all problems between neighbours.  We will work with you to deal with serious conflicts, harassment and threatening behaviour.  Complaints must be in writing and given to your Property Manager and we must know who you are.  While Peterborough Housing will not give out your name, the nature of some complaints may mean the other person could know who you are.  You may also be required to give information at the Landlord and Tenant Board hearing.

Give your name, address and phone number, your complaint (provide details:  name of other resident and their address, date and time of incident(s), witnesses, police officer’s name, etc.), your actions (how have you tried to correct the problem), suggested actions (how do you think Peterborough Housing can solve the problem), sign and date the complaint letter.

What happens if I’m locked out of my unit?

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When keys are misplaced, the tenant can obtain a key from the Peterborough Housing Corporation office during regular office hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).  After hours service is not provided and the tenant is responsible for any costs to gain entry into their unit.

How do I get my locks changed?

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Lock changes cannot be made unless requests are made in writing and locks must be provided by the Peterborough Housing Corporation.  All payments for lock changes will be made in advance.  When a tenant requests a lock change, the service charge will be $25.00 if the lock is changed by Peterborough Housing Corporation staff, or if completed by a contractor the total amount invoiced to Peterborough Housing Corporation for this service.

Can I have a pet?

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Every resident has the right to own a pet if:

  • It does not bother or cause problems for other tenants or the landlord;
  • It does not cause allergic reactions in other tenants or the landlord; or
  • It is not a danger to other tenants or the landlord.

Every resident who is a pet owner has the responsibility to ensure the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the premises by all residents, visitors and staff.

Can someone move-in with me?

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When an RGI tenant wishes to add a new member who is 18 years of age or older to the household, he or she must be eligible for RGI assistance.  A Joint Tenancy Application must be filled out and returned to the office along with verification of income.  After receiving the Joint Tenancy Application, the application would be reviewed to see if the applicant met the eligibility criteria for RGI assistance and occupancy standards.  Peterborough Housing Corporation would not accept an application if it would mean the household no longer met the occupancy standards for the unit in which they were housed.

After approval of the application, the new household member must sign the lease if he or she is 18 years of age or older.  Household members must sign the lease if they are 16 or 17 years old and they have income that is used for RGI purposes.

If the RGI household wishes to include an ineligible member, it will cease to be eligible for RGI assistance but not necessarily become ineligible for occupancy rights. 

© 2014 All copyrights are reserved to Peterborough Housing Corporation