Looking for a Home

Peterborough Housing Corporation (PHC) properties are centrally located featuring affordable rent and a strong sense of community. PHC is landlord for over 1200 units of senior, single, and family housing, providing homes to over 4000 residents. Our housing includes high-rise apartment buildings, detached homes, walk-up apartments, townhomes, quad-plexes, and semi-detached homes.

PHC is committed to innovative energy conservation measures to incorporate into new and existing structures to improve the efficiency of the buildings and increase the enjoyment of our residents. Continuous efforts are made to upgrade the interiors and exteriors and add new physical elements to the buildings to increase accessibility.

Respectful, professional, and caring. This is what matters most to all of us who work at Peterborough Housing Corporation.

PHC communities are supported by a professional and skilled staff team who maintain our properties and provide frontline housing services to residents.

Affordable Housing Rent Geared to Income Market Rentals

Map of Our Properties

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